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Query Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (ES-202) Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages
View list of download files for Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages 
Industry Employment and Wages for the State and Counties. NAICS based query back to 2010. Updated Quarterly. Download files are not available after 1st quarter 2012.
Query Employment and Wages, QCEW Employment and Wages
(Quarterly & Annual)
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State data are available at the 4-digit industry level and county data are at the 3-digit industry level.
Query Current Employment Statistics (CES) Current Employment Statistics (CES) View list of download files for Current Employment Statistics (CES)
Employment from sample of nonfarm establishments (including government) for the U.S., State and Metropolitan Statistical Areas. NAICS based query back to 1990. Updated Monthly.
Query Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) View list of download files for Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) 
Labor Force, Employment, Unemployment and Rate for the US, State, Metropolitan, Micropolitan and Combined Statistical Areas, Workforce Development Areas, Counties and selected Cities. Updated Monthly.
Query Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) View list of download files for Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)
SOC occupational employment and wage estimates for the U.S., Wisconsin, Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Divisions, and Nonmetropolitan Areas (Balance of State). All Industries. Updated annually.
No data available Plant Closings Mass Layoffs View list of download files for Plant Closings Mass Layoffs
PCML notices filed in compliance with Worker Adjustment Retaining Notification (WARN) Act and State Plant Closing law. Updated weekly.
No data available Mass Layoff Statistics (MLS) View list of download files for Mass Layoff Statistics
Initial claims, potential and confirmed layoffs, and number of workers being separated from their jobs. Updated quarterly and annually.
No data available Wisconsin County Profiles View dropdown menu of download files for County Profiles
Snapshots of the labor market by county. Includes analysis of the population, labor force, county industries and employers, occupations, average wages, and total personal income.
No data available Affirmative Action View list of download files for Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action Data revised every two years.
Query Strikes and Lockouts Strikes & Lockouts no data available
Identified by NAICS industry code and County. Provides number of workers affected and work days idle. Work days are the weekdays Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays. Updated Monthly.
Query Industry Projections Industry Projections View list of download files for Industry Projections

10-year (2014-2024) Industry Projections for the State and regional areas. NAICS based.

Query Occupation Projections Occupation Projections View list of download files for Occupation Projections

10-year (2014-2024) Occupation Projections for the State and regional areas. SOC based.

Query Projections Matrix Projections Matrix no data available

Industry to Occupation or Occupation to Industry Projection Matrix for both Long- and Short-term projections for the State. Long-term updated every two years, Short-term updated every year.

Query Commuting Patterns

Commuting Patterns

no data available
Worker flows between Municipalities, Counties, and/or States. Collected and updated from the decennial census.
Query County Wages and Employment by Occupation County Wages & Employment by Occupation no data available
Statewide wages and employment estimates by occupational levels are from the Estimates Delivery System (EDS) developed by North Carolina. This occupational data will be provided at a sub state/County level. Cross-Industry - SOC based. Updated annually.
No data available Labor Supply Areas no data available
The Labor Supply Areas are wage estimates intended to show occupational wages at a smaller geographic detail than the non-metropolitan "Balance of the State" regions normally offered from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey.
Query Income Income no data available
Estimates of total and per capita personal income (PCPI) from the Bureau of Economic Analysis for the US, State, Metropolitan, Micropolitan, and Combined Statistical Areas, Metropolitan Division, and Counties. Updated twice a year.
Query Population Population no data available
Annual population estimates from the Census Bureau for the US, State and Counties. Begins with 1970 estimates. Updated annually.
Query Median Home Sales Price Median Home Sales Price No data available
Median home prices for Counties from the Wisconsin Realty Association.
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