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Instructions for Job Seeker Module

How to Navigate

With the use of hyperlinks there are several ways to access the tools and information items from the Business module. The three most common ways are:

  1. Use the links on this page that follow the module item description.
  2. Click on the words "Job Seeker" found on the left navigation banner to open the Job Seeker module's homepage, which also expands and makes visible the module's menu items.
  3. On the right side of the "Job Seeker" module home page are the same links with the addition of a brief description for each item.  By clicking on any item you go direct to that topic.

What is Available?

Employer Search

Employer search provides a listing of employers in a chosen industry. You can also view the employer profile for their address, phone numbers, employee-size range, a map link, and -  if provided, their email and web addresses.

County Summary

County Summaries provide a snapshot view of a county's top industries and employers. Information provided are:

  • Top Employers by Employment
  • Top Industries by Employment
  • Top Paying Hourly Occupations
  • Labor Force Statistics
  • Population for the County, State, and the U.S.
  • Average Cost of a Home from the Wisconsin Realty Association
  • Per Capita Personal Income
  • Number of K-12 Public Schools
  • Number of Post-secondary Schools

Occupation Search

The occupation search, which is county specific, provides information about a selected occupation. Information provided are:

  • Job opening links
  • Skills and additional details
  • Wages
  • Occupation Projections
  • Apprenticeship Programs 
  • Post-Secondary Schools
  • License Information
  • Information about private employers/industries that might hire the occupation.
  • Links to the County (Internet) Homepage, Job Center, and our County Summary

Wage Comparison

Wage Comparison allows comparison of salary levels between Wisconsin counties and the state. Entry, average, and experienced wages are provided.

Most Job Openings

Most Job Openings provides the top 25 occupations with the largest number of projected openings as indicated in the current employment projections period.

High Growth Jobs

High Growth Jobs provides the top 25 occupations that are projected to grow the fastest as indicated in the current employment projections period.

Non-Traditional Jobs for Women

Non-Traditional Jobs for Women provides a listing of non-traditional occupations for women. "Non-traditional" is defined as 25% or less of the workforce being women. Select any linked occupation title to read the occupation description, to find wages paid, to find skills needed, to find expected job openings, and to find related occupations at the state level. County level occupation information is available by using the linked text " Explore Local Information" or " County Wage Comparison."

Apprenticeship Jobs

Apprenticeship Jobs provides a listing of apprenticeship occupations in Wisconsin. Select any linked occupation title, then select a county to read more about that apprenticeship program.

Licensed Jobs

Licensed Jobs provides a list of occupations that require licensure. Select any linked occupation title to read the description and the licensing authority information. The web address following licensing authority provides greater detail about licensing requirements.

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