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Guide for Youth Module

How to Navigate

With the use of hyperlinks there are several ways to access the tools and information items from the Youth module. The three most common ways are:

  1. Use the links on this page that follow the module item description.
  2. Click on the word "Youth" found on the left navigation banner to open the Youth module's homepage, which also expands and makes visible the module's menu items.
  3. On the right side of the "Youth" module home page are the same links with the addition of a brief description for each item. By clicking on any item you go direct to that topic.

What is Available?

Youth Tools

Find a resource in one of many youth-focused workforce agencies, programs and services.

Work Permit

Find out the terms of employment requirements for minors ages 12-17 from the Equal Rights Division, Labor Standards Bureau. Select the link to see the "Are You Planning On Going To Work?" publication and then select the "Employment of Minors Guide."

Work permits may be applied for at school offices or call (608) 266-6860 for information on where in your area they may be applied for.

Hours of Work

Check this publication to confirm what hours and time of day minors may work in Wisconsin. The publication is separated by age groups and time of year categories. This publication is provided in PDF format.

Minimum Wage

This "Wisconsin Minimum Wage Rates" poster spells out the general current minimum wage rates, as well as the minimum wage rates for tipped employees, agricultural employees and caddies. It also provides meal and lodging rates for non-agricultural employment and agricultural employment as well as weekly salary information for camp counselor employment. This poster is available in PDF format.

Wage Comparison

Compare salary levels by county in Wisconsin. Using a job title or a keyword related to a job, this tool enables you to select multiple counties to review and compare wages. You can see entry, average and experienced level wages for the counties selected, as well as state, metropolitan statistical area and balance of state areas.

Related Links

Additional resources to supplement or compliment this module.

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