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An “Athlete Agent” is an individual who enters into an agency contract with a student athlete or recruits or
solicits to enter or represents to the public that the individual is an athlete agent.

This definition excludes spouses, certain family members, or individuals acting solely on behalf of a
professional sports team or professional sports organization. Also excluded is an individual, who provides
information to a student athlete, but does not recruit or solicit the student athlete to enter into an agency

An agent cannot act as an athlete agent without being registered, except that an individual may act as an
athlete agent in Wisconsin for all purposes except signing an agency contract if:

1) the student athlete or person on behalf of the student athlete initiates communication with the individual,

2) within 7 days after an “initial act” as an agent such as an effort to recruit or solicit a student athlete
to enter into an agency contract, the individual applies for registration as an athlete agent in Wisconsin.

Certain disclosures must be made in the application for registration, such as the applicant’s training as an
agent, practical experience, educational background, references, employer information, and judicial
determinations against the applicant regarding any misrepresentations and any disciplinary actions or
sanctions arising out of professional conduct.

Specific terms must be contained in an agency contract with a student athlete which include:

1) the amount and method of calculating consideration,
2) a description of expenses that the athlete will reimburse, and;
3) a description of the services to be provided.

The contract must contain the warning of a student athlete’s rights and duties in “close proximity” to the
signature of the student athlete. These include:

1) the student may lose eligibility by signing the contract;
2) if the student has an athletic director, within 72 hours after entering into the contract, both the student
and the agent must notify that athletic director;
3) the student athlete has a 14 day cancellation right after signing, and;
4) cancellation may not reinstate eligibility.

Specific agent practices are prohibited. Violations create criminal and civil liability.

These prohibited practices include:
1) inducing a student athlete to enter an agency contract by materially false or misleading information,
promises or representations;
2) furnishing anything of value by the agent to the student athlete before the student athlete enters into the
agency contract;
3) furnishing anything of value to any individual other than the student athlete or another registered athlete
4) initiating contact with a student athlete unless registered,
5) refusing or failing to retain or permit inspection of the records required by the Act,
6) failing to register as required by the Act,
7) providing materially false or misleading information in an application for registration or renewal;
8) predating or postdating an agency contract;
9) failing to notify a student athlete before the student athlete signs or otherwise authenticates an agency
contract for a particular sport that the signing or authentication may make the student athlete ineligible to
participate as a student athlete in that sport.


Examination fees are $75-initial credential fee, $107-Renewal fee, $132 with late fee; due by June 30th of
even-numbered years.

revised 03/13

Licensing Authority:
WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
Division of Professional Credential Processing
1400 E. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935
(608)266-2112   (608)261-7083 fax


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