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A private practice school psychologist is an individual who holds a valid Wisconsin license under s. 455.04(4), Wis. Stats.

The private practice of school psychology means providing psycho-educational evaluation and intervention for the prevention and treatment of educationally relevant problems. Intervention includes service to the student or consultation with persons who affect the student's education program.

No person may engage in the practice of psychology or the private practice of school psychology, or attempt to do so or make a representation as authorized to do so, without a license issued by the Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board and only an individual licensed under s. 455.04(4), Wis. Stats., may use the title "private practice school psychologist" or any similar title or state or imply that he or she is licensed to engage in the private practice of school psychology. Only an individual licensed under s. 455.04(1) or (4), Wis. Stats., may represent himself or herself to the public by any description of services incorporating the word "psychological" or "psychology".

1). Complete steps required for a regular license as a school psychologist issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Hold a regular license as a school psychologist issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Education: Have completed a program for the preparation of school psychologists resulting in a doctor of philosophy , doctor of psychology, doctor of education or education specialist degree, or consisting of a minimum of 60 graduate semester credits resulting in a master's degree in psychology.

Experience: Submit written verification from the supervising psychologist or a school official or administrator that the applicant has successfully completed one year of experience or internship in school psychology under the supervision of a school psychologist licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

2). Complete and submit application form, including all required documentation and fee.

3). Board review of application, determination of eligibility to sit for exam , National Teachers Examination (NTE) Specialty Area Test for School Psychologist

4). Take the state ethics exam and appear before board for oral interview.

To be approved for the ethics exam and oral interview, your application file must be complete with all supporting documents 30 days prior to the board meeting date in order for the file to be reviewed by the board on that date. If the board approves your file, you would sit for the ethics exam and appear for the oral interview on the meeting date subsequent to the meeting date that your file was approved.

5). Determination to grant credential is made.

reviewed 4/2013

Licensing Authority:
WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
Psychology Examining Board
1400 E. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935
(608)266-2112   (608)261-7083 fax


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