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A chiropractor is an individual engaged in the practice of chiropractic.

Chiropractic means to examine into the fact, condition or cause of departure from complete health and proper condition of the human; to treat without the use of drugs as defined in s. 450.01(10), Wis. Stats. or surgery; to counsel; to advise for the same for the restoration and preservation of health or to undertake, offer, advertise, announce or hold out in any manner to do any of the aforementioned acts, for compensation, direct or indirect or in expectation thereof; and to employ or apply chiropractic adjustments and the principles or techniques of chiropractic science in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any of the conditions described in s. 448.01(10), Wis. Stats.

Except as provided under s. 446.02(9), Wis Stats., no person may engage in the practice of chiropractic or attempt to do so or hold himself or herself out as authorized to do so, unless such person holds a current chiropractic license granted by the Chiropractic Examining Board.


Must have completed 60 credits of undergraduate work, and have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. Beginning July 1, 1998, a candidate must have attained a bachelor's degree in addition to the degree of doctor of chiropractic.

……continuing education requirements

40 credit hours through WCA, ACA, ICA , or courses sponsored by an approved Chiropractic College or Medical School. All courses need to be pre-approved by the Board. One (1) credit on AED course work may be counted toward the continuing education requirement every biennium, being 12/15/even – 12/14/even.


Application fees are $1585, which includes the $75.00 Initial Credential Fee and $75.00 Jurisprudence Written Exam Fee and $1,435.00 State Practical Exam Fee, $170-Renewal fee, $195 with late fee; due by Dec. 14th of even-numbered years.

revised 03/13

Licensing Authority:
WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
Chiropractic Examining Board
1400 E. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935
(608)266-2112   (608)261-7083 fax


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