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Reason for Credential: No person may perform structural welding under ss. Comm 34.39 and Comm 62.2204 unless the person holds a credential issued by the department as a registered welder. Note that this division does not require proof of competency in any other welding other than structural steel welding.

Responsibilities of Credential: Registered welders must comply with the following:

a) may only perform those structural welding procedures for which the person has qualified by test within the last 4 years;

b) carry proof as to which welding procedures the person has qualified by test; and

c) present upon request to the department or its representative proof of the qualified welding procedures.

Recommendation to Contractor / Welder – SPS 305.34 (4) (b) requires welders to carry proof of qualification. Upon request of an authorized agent of the department, a welder can make available a copy of this form in addition to the department-issued certification, license or registration wallet card or other applicable welder documentation such as the WPS, PQR or continuity records to verify qualification at a field site.

Qualifications for Credential: Attach to this form a copy of the document entitled “Evidence of Completion of Welding Tests”. Note this document will be given to you by the weld test conductor after you successfully demonstrate your competency in the specified structural steel welding tests. The qualifications will be satisfied if the “Evidence of Completion of Welding Tests” is properly filled out and:

a) shows the test was conducted by a certified weld test conductor; and

b) shows the applicant has taken and passed not more than one year before the date the application is received by the department one or more structural steel welding tests in accordance with:

1. American Welding Society standard D 1.1, section 4, part C.

2. American Welding Society standard D 1.3, section 4, part C.

Updated 3/13

Licensing Authority:
WI Dept of Safety and Professional Services
201 W. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 7082
Madison, WI 53707-7082
(608)266-3151   (608)267-0592 fax


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