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The links from this page go to other areas in the Department of Workforce Development Web site and to external sites. These links should be viewed as informational resources and not as recommendations.

Need to Know

Discrimination has links to state statute references on laws related to harassment and unfavorable treatment in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Dislocated Worker (Layoff Assistance) has information on programs to help workers and employers when staff reductions, business closings and mass layoffs occur.

Family and Medical Leave - understand your responsibilities to provide leave for employees for birth, adoption, serious illness or a family member or the employee's own serious illness.

Labor Standards - for child labor, minimum wage, overtime, notification of business closings and mass layoffs, unpaid wage claims, private employment agencies and work on state or municipal construction projects.

Prevailing Wage - what you need to know about the types of public works projects covered by state prevailing wage laws, how prevailing wage rates are set and information on rates recently set for projects.

Unemployment Insurance - what you need to know about Unemployment Insurance, laws, benefits, employer wage reporting, and Labor Law Clinics.

Vocational Rehabilitation - employment services for people with disabilities, opportunities and options.

Worker's Compensation - information on specific requirements for worker's compensation and how to obtain worker's compensation insurance or become self-insured.

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Current Employment Statistics (CES) - National Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics

BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 2, Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Establishment Survey provides detail information about the methods and procedures for the survey that is used to collect data each month on employment, hours, and earnings from a sample of nonagricultural establishments (including government). There are 11 sections in Chapter 2 ranging from interesting background information on through very technical explanations of methodology.

CES Program Overview provides information about what is available, the survey coverage, uses of the data, plus more.

CES Program Data and Statistics site provides links to pre-selected data tables with graphs, plus special news announcements and much more.

CES State and Area Employment Hours and Earnings goes direct to a query page where you can select a state, plus areas, super sectors, industries to customize your information needs. Requires Java- Enabled browser.

CES National Employment Hours and Earnings presents the national level data in a one page query format. Start by selecting the data type. Requires Java-Enabled browser.

U.S. Economy at a Glance map allows for any state selection. Or you can go immediately to Wisconsin Economy at a Glance. Additional sub-state areas are available when you scroll to the bottom of the Wisconsin page.


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Economic Census for Business website has a two fold purpose. By using 2002 economic census data, select industry snapshots were create to showcase the variety of information gleaned from the survey.  Secondly, the Economic Census site is encouraging businesses to complete the 2007 Economic Census survey.  The 2007 Economic Census site has its HELP page  in which key information and download software for electronic filing are available. This U.S. Census program counts business every 5 years from the national to the local level, and the data results helps organizations make informed business decisions.   Counting American Business.  Charting America's Progress. 

Employer Training summarizes the DWD resources for training on the laws governing employers

Employment Tax Credits Learn all you need to know about tax credit programs that can help reduce your Federal and State Tax Liability.

Fidelity Bonding Program - access free business insurance policies that protect the employer in case of any loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty. It is like a "guarantee" to the employer that the person hired will be an honest worker.

Forward Wisconsin is a unique public-private state marketing and business recruitment organization. Their job is marketing outside Wisconsin to attract new businesses, jobs and increased economic activity to the state. Forward Wisconsin is a resource for Businesses that provides information and links to various sites as well as their own business toolkit.

Friday Fundamentals Audio Conferences are held at ETN locations in every county in Wisconsin and cover many of the same topics as the Labor Law clinics in workshops no more than 2 hours long.

Labor and Industry Review Commission - is an independent administrative agency which decides appeals in cases involving Unemployment Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Equal Rights.

Labor Law Clinics - are educational seminars, which are open to the public and feature DWD staff explaining many of the laws and rules the agency administers.

The Mobility Pages - the lack of affordable, reliable, and available transportation is one of the primary obstacles low income workers face. See how to bridge the gap.

New Employer Registration is an online application for employers or their representatives to register a Wisconsin employer for an Unemployment Insurance tax account number. This registration will not register the employer for any tax program other then the Unemployment tax.

New Hire Reporting - submit your newly hired or rehired employee report online and if you're a new employer, answers to your questions.

Tax and Wage Reporting System is an online application for employers to submit quarterly tax and wage reports.

Wisconsin Forward Award is a program established in 1998, patterned after the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award, to annually recognize Wisconsin organizations for significant achievements in continuous improvement and performance management.

Workplace Posters - posters you may be required to display are online to view, print or order.

Workforce One3 is a collaborative effort that represents the merging of national, state, and local leadership into one system committed to embracing and installing a demand-driven culture in the publicly funded workforce system. The Workforce3 One Integrated Webspace offers the public workforce system, employers, economic development professionals, and education professionals an innovative knowledge network designed to create and support a demand-driven community, one that responds directly to business needs and prepares workers for good jobs in the fastest growing careers. (Registration is required to access certain areas of this site.)

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Finding Workers

Business Leadership Network (BLN) - The BLN is a national program, led by employers, that engages the leadership and participation of companies throughout the United States to hire qualified job applicants with disabilities.

Foreign Labor Certification - Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) is the process employers must use to document that their hiring needs cannot be met by U.S. workers.

Job Central is a national labor exchange where job seekers can find employment opportunities in all industries, in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Job Center of Wisconsin is a fast, easy, no-fee way to access job orders, resumes, and other information about employment and training. Employers can search a large pool of job applicants locally, around Wisconsin, and nationwide!

Employers can also utilize the no fee job listing system. It is easy to register, enter, and manager your own job orders.

Job Fairs - local Job Centers offer Job Fairs for employers and job seekers in their areas. Find one in your area.

Wisconsin Job Centers Directory is a list of all the local Wisconsin Job Centers, by county and by city.

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