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image: Job Center of Wisconsin Logo

Job Center of Wisconsin

This resource contains current job opportunities that employers have listed with the Wisconsin Job Center system.

image: Office of Economic Advisors Logo

Office of Economic Advisors

OEA assists the public to better understand the relationships between labor markets and other economic and demographic specifics.

image: WI Health Care @ DWD Logo

WI Health Care

DWD identifies and helps implement top-priority, immediate and longer-term strategies for addressing the health care worker shortages in Wisconsin.

image: MSSC Logo


The Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSSC) focused on core skills.

image: Wisconsin Workforce Development Association Logo


The Wisconsin Workforce Development Association (WWDA) represents the interests of local workforce investment agencies and system partners.

image: Wisconsin Council on Workforce Investment Logo

Wisconsin Council on Workforce Investment

CWI advises the Governor on workforce investment strategies, policies and programs.

image: Wisconsin Economic Development Association Logo


The Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) is a non-profit dedicated to expanding the State's economy.

image: Forward Wiscosin Logo

Center on WI Strategy

COWS is a national policy center and field laboratory for high-road economic development.

image: Local Employment Dynamics Logo

Local Employment Dynamics

LED provides dynamic local workforce and labor market conditions.

image: O*Net Logo

O*Net Online

O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, HR professionals, students, and more!

image: Local Employment Dynamics Logo

My Next Move

This O*Net site is an interactive tool for job seekers & students to learn more about their career options.

image: My Skills My Future Logo

mySkills myFuture

mySkills myFuture helps laid-off workers and other career changers find new occupations to explore.

image: BEA Logo

Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEA promotes a better understanding of the U.S. economy by providing impartial, timely, & accurate economic accounts data.

image: BLS Logo

Bureau of Labor Statistics

BLS produces impartial, timely, & accurate data to the social & economic conditions of our Nation, its workers, & their families.

image: Economic Census Logo

Economic Census

The Census Bureau serves as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy.

image: LMI Across the Nation Logo

LMI Across the Nation

Directory of Labor Market Information bureaus across the nation (e.g., to get a job's licensing requirements). Also see BLS' List.

image: Workforce Information Council Logo

Workforce Information Council

The WIC establishes a unique structure for Federal-State cooperation in planning & overseeing the workforce information system.

image: Career Planning Steps Logo

Career Planning Steps

Knowing what career you want to pursue is a critical component of your education. Your career plays a big part of how you spend your future.

image: Urban Institute Logo

Urban Institute

Job trends have been tracked for four decades, following unskilled workers during the 1990s boom, welfare leavers taking jobs, and more.

image: Career Technical Education Logo

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) is preparing students of all ages to help drive America’s success and vitality. It is creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance.

image: Workforce Strategy Center Logo

Workforce Strategy Center

WSC works with education, workforce & economic development agencies to help students & workers succeed.

image: Department of Administration Logo

Demographic Services

Dept of Administration's population projections by age and sex for Wisconsin's counties.

image: Forward  Wisconsin Logo

WI and City Economic Outlook via BLS

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Economy At a Glance for Wisconsin and its cities.

image: Department of Administration Logo

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