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Regional Publications

image Wisconsin County Workforce Profile 2009 cover County Workforce Profiles

The County Workforce Profiles provide snapshots of the labor market for every Wisconsin county. Each profile includes analysis of the current and projected population dynamics, the effect on the labor force, county industries and employers, occupational patterns within industries, average wages, and total personal income.

image of profile cover page contains title Economic Develoment Regon Profile Wisconsin Economic Development Region Data Brief

Profiles for Economic Development Regions are graphs and charts of the region's labor market, demography and economy. Regional data is compared to state and national averages.

image of profile cover page contains title (County)WDA Profile, May 2010 Workforce Development Area (WDA) Data Brief

Profiles for WDAs are graphs and charts of the region's labor market, demography and economy. Regional data is compared to state and national averages.

Publications Listed Alphabetically

image of Apprenticeship publication cover Apprenticeship in Wisconsin

This reference guide provides an overview of the Wisconsin apprenticeship system. Included in this guide are working occupation descriptions, working conditions, training requirements, application requirements, and a directory of apprenticeship training representatives and Technical College contacts.

image of brochure content Business Employment Dynamics

Business Employment Dynamics (BED), a US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) product, contain information on quarterly gross job gains and gross job losses. New numbers are available nine months after the completion of each quarter.

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image Wisconsin community pattern cover County-to-County Worker Flow in Wisconsin

County-to-county worker flows examine interconnections between the state's counties. This publication provides estimates for commuting destinations of county residents, the origin of county workers, and typical travel times of county residents.

image says Employment and Wages by Industry Employment and Wages by Industry

The Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program provides the most complete set of monthly employment and quarterly wage data for the State and counties. The data pertain to workers covered by Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance (UI) laws and Federal civilian workers covered by the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) program.

Wisconsin Hot Jobs to 2024 Hot Jobs to 2024

Occupations projected to grow faster than the state average, currently paying wages above the state median wage and most projected openings.

image for quarterly initial claims Initial Claims

The quarterly report maps the number of initial claims by county and identifies areas of the state where people reside who have recently filed for unemployment insurance benefits.

image for Skill Explorer brochure and website Educator and Parent Toolkit

Youth, job seekers and employers can make informed employment decisions using real-time Labor Market Information, including statistics, projections and trends on employment, occupations, labor supply and demand, earnings, population and demographics.

image for Skill Explorer brochure and website Skill Explorer

Skill Explorer is a new job search tool that goes beyond job titles to find opportunities that match the skills and training you have – but in career fields you may not have considered. You only need a working knowledge of your employment history. Skill Explorer shows you more options, and more options mean a better chance to find a job.

Additional Workforce Development Publications, by specialty area:

  • Equal Rights (ER) | Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) | Unemployment Insurance (UI) On the DWD Publications page, select DWD Division option to review that division's publications.

  • Federal News offers a variety of timely topics related to workforce issues and trends. The following topics are updated regularly:
    • Business Employment Dynamics | Local Employment Dynamics | Producer Price Index | Real Earnings | U.S. Import and Export Prices Indexes | Employer Costs for Employee Compensation | Consumer Price Index

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