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WDA 9 - Western

image: WDA 11 Map of CountiesThe Western region is composed of eight counties; Buffalo, Crawford, Jackson, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau, and Vernon. Together, La Crosse and Monroe Counties are a principal force in the region accounting over half of the region's populace and labor force, and about two-thirds of the nonfarm jobs. Nine of the ten largest municipalities in the area are located in La Crosse or Monroe County. Two major health care systems are centered in La Crosse County, and a veteran's hospital is located in Monroe County, creating one of the clusters of health care employment in Wisconsin. Manufacturing is the backbone of several of the outlying counties, such as Juneau and Trempealeau. Buffalo and Vernon Counties are two of just a handful of Wisconsin Counties where 40 percent or more of total county employment is directly related to agriculture or farm related products.

The transportation industry is another key to the region’s economy. The region features an interstate highway system winding though the heart of the area, and like an artery in many ways, the highway provides nourishment to the area economy. This highway system ties the area to Minnesota and other parts of Wisconsin. Water transport via the Mississippi River and its tributaries and a well-developed freight and passenger rail aid in the task of moving goods, services, and the people who provide them throughout the region and beyond.

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